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All Teeth Whitening Is Not Created Equal

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The #1 dental concern for most U.S. adults is whether their teeth look white enough. As commonplace as this unease may be, each individual person’s teeth are every bit as unique as their fingerprints–in fact, even identical twins do not have the exact same teeth. Even though the desire for a brighter smile is nearly universal, different people have different whitening needs depending on the condition of their tooth enamel, the dental restorations they have, and other variables.

The KöR® Whitening System Offers Many Levels of Whitening
KöR has developed its own proprietary system for one of the most effective whitening systems on the market. Scientifically-designed gels formulated for maximum potency and longevity provide precise results to address a variety of dental situations without lights or lasers. Continuous refrigeration—from manufacture to cold-packed arrival at your office—is KöR’s secret weapon, as it halts the breakdown of whitening solution.
The KöR at-home whitening system is both affordable and convenient. Patients can choose between KöR-Night™ and KöR-Day™.


KöR-Night provides the most effective, affordable whitening result for the patient with typical whitening needs. Treatment is weeks of at-home whitening with intermittent at-home maintenance.


For patients who prefer not to wear whitening trays while sleeping, have extremely sensitive teeth, or cannot tolerate wearing whitening trays for long periods of time, KöR-Day is a sensible solution. Treatment takes two or more weeks with whitening sessions once or twice a day and periodic at-home maintenance.
KöR Max is the best-selling of the four systems. This versatile whitening treatment combines at-home whitening with one in-office whitening session. This option provides the strongest possible result for the average whitening patient. Treatment combines two weeks of at-home nighttime whitening, one single whitening office visit, and intermittent at-home maintenance.
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KöR Ultra attacks stubborn cases such as dark geriatric straining or fluorosis, delivering exceptional whitening results. Treatment begins with an in-office conditioning visit and is followed up with 3-4 weeks of nighttime whitening. There is another in-office whitening visit after nighttime whitening concludes, along with periodic at-home maintenance.
KöR’s Ultra-T Whitening System was developed to correct staining that was once considered untreatable with dental whitening—and the results are astonishing. Treatment involves an in-office conditioning visit, 6-8 weeks of nighttime whitening at home, a concluding in-office whitening session, and intermittent at-home maintenance.
KöR Power Whitening®
KöR’s in-office-only whitening system combines science and constant refrigeration to deliver the most reliable in-office whitening possible. This option accommodates patients who choose not to wear in-home whitening trays, with the caveat that results of in-office power whitening are less predictable than other options and may require repetition in the future to maintain brightness.
Why Whiten Your Teeth?

Our professional grade teeth whitening treatments offer you dramatic results. Brighten your teeth for a fast, stand-alone smile makeover, or to prep for upcoming cosmetic procedures like composite bonding and porcelain veneers. Whitening can make a huge impact on your overall appearance and is safe for adults and teens alike.

Why is KöR®  Whitening Better Than Strips?

KöR®  whitening products use specially formulated gels that are concentrated in a way that gently whitens your teeth as quickly as possible.

You’ll see better results from your KöR®  Whitening than store-bought kits. Why? Because custom trays and professional applications get your whitening gel right where you need it, including all of the curved surfaces and contours across each tooth. With strips, you have to physically shape the film around each tooth. Unfortunately, it’s easy to miss areas, leaving uneven coloration and skipped surfaces. Additionally, strips aren’t made to rest around the contour of your gums; it’s common to experience irritation and redness because of the film slipping and sliding while you wear it.

KöR®  ensures the best results for each of our patients. Ingredients are stronger (and safer) than what you’ll find online or in stores. That way you can whiten in less time and see a drastically brighter smile!

In a Hurry? Check Out Opalescence Go!

Have a last-minute event you need to brighten your teeth for? Or maybe you need a quick touch-up between your dental checkups? Opalescence Go is a great alternative to in-office treatments. Simply place the pre-filled tray in your mouth, close down, swallow to create a suction (forming the gel against your teeth) and then remove the tray. You’ll keep the Opalescence Go treatment on your smile for up to 30 minutes. Wear it once a day for just a few days for significant results.

Which Whitening is Right for You?

Visit KB Dental, your Heath, Forney, Rockwall cosmetic dentist, to find out if your teeth are healthy enough to whiten and pick up a kit to take home on the very same day!

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